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As the founder of She Writes HerStory, Sandeep has created a platform to raise awareness and custom assignment help empower the South Asian community to share their  life’s journey by dismantling the silence and shame culture. Through the art of storytelling (photography, poetry, workshops) she strives to explore and highlight issues related to the South Asian diaspora.


My passion and my purpose have finally crossed paths, slowly but clearly unfolding in front of my eyes; and I am so grateful.  At 16, I was the first person from Indian heritage to be selected as an  ambassador to represent my hometown throughout BC. This opportunity to participate in public speaking events and mentor young girls helped me to truly embrace my ethnicity and myself. I believed that a shy brown skinned girl of immigrant parents was not only enough, but capable of accomplishing anything she sought out to do.

I have been blessed, through my career in Social Work and volunteering locally and internationally, I have connected with the most inspiring people from all walks of life. Through facilitating workshops dedicated to addiction, domestic violence and bullying to travelling around the globe to having random conversations with strangers in coffee shops; I have found that our stories all speak the same language.

She Writes HerStory came to life during a time when I needed the reminder that I had a presence and a purpose. Through the art of sharing stories, I hope to advocate that our human connection is beyond any physical touch, and break the barriers of long held assumptions and stigmatizations. By raising cultural awareness, we can dismantle internalizing one another’s ‘otherness’ and expose ourselves to not only recognizing our similarities and struggles but also celebrating what makes us diverse

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